One hundred and forty-six film buffs, myself included, give praise where praise is due in's year-end poll, ranking the best in Blu-rays, boxsets and more. Gary Tooze runs his widely read site out of his home in Ontario, and he and I have been corresponding for a while, ever since he featured in a story of mine about DVD collectors back in 2006, at the height of the digital-versatile-disc boom. Well, here we are at the start of 2021 and physical media is still alive and kicking, despite the pandemic, despite Netflix, despite streaming in general. The new poll covers a lot of what was released on Blu-ray (and also 4K UHD and DVD) and my two cents worth of opinions appear a dozen times, amounting to, oh, about one caribou-headed quarter, or trente sous as we say here in Quebec. What my colleagues in cinephilia share is an appreciation for the effort that goes into curating, restoring, transferring, producing and distributing films for home viewing in the most-complete editions possible. The companies that are best at it have a common mission: to entertain and also educate an audience of consumers who don't just want to watch a movie but also explore its genesis and the context in which it was made. If filmmaking is a collective art, film appreciation is a collective passion, and through their visual comparisons and critical reviews, Gary and his collaborators at DVD Beaver continue to bring our community together, year after year.