Home or abroad, there's so much good stuff to drink.

2020 & 2021: Thanks for nothing, COVID!

Formal wine-tastings went virtual in 2020 & 2021. Missing the social aspect – and the fun – I took a pass. See you in 2022.

2019: More wine!

2018: Travel & tweetable tastings

Greek wines of the Peloponnese

Monemvasia, Mercouri and Gaia: three wineries that know their stuff. Click the pic and read on.

Montreal wine shows

2017: Déguster et tweeter

2016: A year in wine tweets

2015: A year in posts

2013 to 2015: La Grande dégustation de Montréal

2015: A brief walkthrough


2014: From champagne to scotch

2013: Sales slump? Drink on!

Some more travel writings on wine and beer

BORDEAUX: A wine vacation turns sour 

BURGUNDY: Getting ready for Montreal

PRAGUE: It's not just Pilsner anymore

HUE: A Dane makes rice beer by the sea

The times when I a) stayed in a château, b) visited a top pinot noir producer, c) took in a beer fest, and d) met a great Dane.